Our CIM systems are modular and flexible solutions for educating and training students in the principles and technologies of computer integrated manufacturing.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) system has several key components: an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), at least one automated workstation such as CNC machining, a continuous-loop conveyor, a central management control station, a TCP/IP communication network, and OpenCIM software.

Additional workstations can be added at any time for executing a variety of automated tasks, such as laser engraving, hydraulic and pneumatic device operation, process control, and quality control inspection.


Rapid changes in global competition have manufacturers focused on productivity by implementing new technologies, installing automated systems and adapting new management techniques and ideas. A common goal behind this push is to link and integrate all the manufacturing pieces into a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS). Often called Smart Factories and Industry 4.0, these changes embody the transformation at the forefront of modernizing the manufacturing processes to keep competitive in this fast-changing world.

Intelitek’s FMS solutions are designed to introduce this advanced manufacturing capability to vocational and engineering classrooms. By emulating real world industrial automation and production applications found in modern plants in the classroom, educational programs can train skilled workers to be industry ready.

The core component of an FMS solution is a machine tending station that typically integrate a robotic arm with mobility components like a slide base, materials handling devices and a machine such as a CNC machine. Each FMS setup or cell is designed to perform a task in the manufacturing process. Our FMS product line includes Intelitek’s CNC machining and turning centers, SCORBOT and MotoMan robots, advanced simulation, automation, programming and control software, and curriculum.

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